GO.BEYOND Industrial Machinery & Components

GO.BEYOND Industrial Machinery & Components

Increase efficiencies in the complete supply chain and after market service to all customers

GO.BEYOND Industrial Machinery & Components supports machine producing companies in becoming intelligent enterprises. Emerging digital tools and technologies give you the opportunity to increase efficiencies from R&D to logistics, production and operations, offer tailored experiences for customers, engineer-to-order, variant configuration and improve visibility into the complete supply chain.

GO.BEYOND Industrial Machinery & Components in a nutshell

In the digital economy, intelligent technologies and integrated business processes are driving digital transformation. TheValueChain supports industrial machinery companies in becoming intelligent enterprises. GO.BEYOND IM&C is a preconfigured and certified SAP solution by TheValueChain based on best practices, providing the business content that encompasses our experience and expertise relevant for the industry. GO.BEYOND IM&C is based on the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework, a suite of intelligent business applications that use intelligent technologies.

  • Collaborative product and configuration design
  • Portfolio and project management
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Production planning, scheduling & execution 4.0
  • Batch and serial number traceability
  • Engineer-to-order and product configuration
  • Usage-Based billing and revenue management
  • Demand-driven MRP
  • Customer installation projects
  • Quality management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Robotic process automation
  • Commerce
  • Customer service scheduling & execution
  • Supporting services (procurement, sales, finance, ...)

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