SAP Certified Support delivery, Project Management and Human capital

SAP Certified Support delivery, Project Management and Human capital

Accelerating and securing your projects based on our experience and best practices

Meet the experts: Our project management team, the SAP service desk and our human capital office.


Every new SAP assignment is a unique opportunity for our project delivery team to build a trusted, long-term partnership with you. Our program managers, project leaders and team leads combine their knowledge and experience to become a true business accelerator, driven by operational excellence, for you.

The weakest link determines the strength of the chain. This also applies to your value chain and your SAP platform: if you strengthen the weakest links, you improve the performance of your business as a whole. TheValueChain enables you to evaluate your SAP platform and find areas for improvement in your value chain. We optimise your SAP set-up on the basis of technical expertise and functional insight into business processes.

Meet our project management office, service desk, and human capital office.


Our project delivery team has more to offer than a strong project methodology, predefined deliverables, scope control and budget management. They are seasoned and flexible professionals with a profound insight into industries, business processes and best practices. Experienced in project and people management, change management and solution architecture. They are trained in both agile and waterfall based project methodologies, following the SAP Activate approach.

As a trusted advisor, we love to challenge and be challenged. We have a track record of local & international projects, programs including template-rollouts in many industries and lines of businesses.


After implementation, our service desk will provide you with support for any questions on your SAP system or extra functionality. After analysing your question, one dedicated consultant will be your single point of contact. You will enjoy the benefits of this personal approach without messy administration. Our service desk colleagues are multi-lingual and have years of project experience. Their SAP competences lead to instant valuable advice for you.

You know that all your systems need to function well in order for SAP to run smoothly. A monitoring system can point out possible issues. If something goes wrong, we quickly take appropriate measures. Our service desk is SAP PCOE (partner centre of expertise) certified. Also note that we are currently working on the ISAE3402 compliancy to support our life science and pharma customers. Summarized: a central ticketing system facilitates a structured and controlled way of communication between you, TheValueChain and SAP.


Supporting you with SAP from A to Z is our core business. Human capital management is a vital part of that. The right people in the right place, that’s how great projects are born. According to your project needs, we propose the best match based on expertise, skills, knowledge and personality. We screen profiles in-house or in our carefully screened network of experts. A great fit improves overall happiness and productivity. That’s why we only introduce people we fully support. We don’t just push CVs. It’s not just about the people. It’s how they work together. For each new engagement project the right team and mix of technical and functional experts is composed together with a solution architect and project manager. Our team of integration 'process orchestration' consultants are ready to tackle any interfacing challenge and our experienced developers are ready to support you in any custom application or new technology.


What we do for you

Operational excellence

Expect as our customer continuous care and efficient support with improving your business processes.
You find at TheValueChain a flat honest organisation made of small autonomous teams supporting you with high flexibility and speed.

Sharing knowledge

Continuous learning and sharing knowledge are in our DNA.
We will share with you our know-how and expertise. Together, we are stronger, more innovative and productive.

Leadership in innovation

TheValueChain invests continuously in the latest technologies and the education of its ‘innovation warriors.’
You will have privileged access to our innovation garage where you will find our warriors ready to co-create. Within the SAP community, we are considered as leaders in innovation. You will benefit from that investment.

Going beyond simple

You will grow your business with us. How? We go beyond simple for you by going further with standard SAP than standard SAP. By thinking outside the box. Experience this at our yearly Beyond.Simple events where we showcase the latest trends and innovations as well as real customer cases.

Used SAP Technologies

  • SAP Activate Methodology
  • Waterfall & Agile
  • Glocal Template & Roll-outs
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Scrum based development
  • Change Management
  • Solution Architects

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