The time is now to move to SAP S/4HANA

Choose SAP S/4HANA now to prepare your business for the future. TheValueChain’s GO.NOW program starts with determining your challenges and builds your digital roadmap to the intelligent enterprise. Embrace intelligent technologies and GO NOW.


SAP S/4HANA is by far the most innovative platform for enterprise IT. It is the digital nerve centre for your intelligent enterprise, a suite of solutions based on a simplified data model and in-memory technology. It's designed for the integration of internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, conversational AI, robotic process automation, apps, business networks and third-party systems.

So, why don’t some businesses make the leap? Often, they lack a strong business case.


We determine the strategic role of S/4HANA in your business processes by designing your long-term digital roadmap with our GO.NOW program, based on the SAP S/4HANA Move initiative.

CEOs will look for customer satisfaction and increased revenue. CIOs are interested in TCO and data footprint reduction. COOs want to improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics costs. CFOs want to handle consolidation and month-end closing in real-time while reducing compliance costs and risk. CHROs are looking for better employee engagement.

Your business case will determine why, how and when you plan your migration to the intelligent enterprise. You decide with the support from our experts the way you will deploy your system, preferably in the cloud of course.

What you are looking for? Eager to know more? Check this out: https://gonow.thevaluechain.be/


What we do for you

Our GO.NOW program is like a menu. Make your choice. Begin by preference with a starter and pick out what you need. Or let us design a program tailored to your needs. The result? A personal long-term digital roadmap based on your company's KPI's.


A discovery session, a soundboard meeting or our favourite S/4HANA business game
Not to miss, the guided visit to our Innovation Garage.

Second round

Discover how to adopt and plan the S/4HANA move in your company. Get a good understanding of the feasibility of the move project. Tools like the Adoption Starter Program, Move-in-Motion and the light feasibility study are ways to facilitate and support this second main round.

The Cherry and the cake round

Create your business case in this final round. In our GO.NOW program, we use value assessment tools and business case reports to help you digest. So that you can put the cherry on the cake and come up with a solid case and plan, leading you the way to the ultimate S/4HANA set-up resulting in your own intelligent enterprise.

Used SAP Technologies

  • S/4HANA Move program
  • Adoption Starter Program
  • ERPsim Business Game
  • S/4 Readiness Check
  • Business Scenario Recommendation
  • Light Feasibility Study
  • S/4HANA Migration Showcase
  • Quick Value Assessment
  • S/4HANA Business Case
  • ...

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