conTeyor teams up with TheValueChain to install SAP Sales Cloud

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As a leader in the innovative niche market of B2B re-usable textile packaging systems, conTeyor required a more comprehensive IT infrastructure to optimise the collaboration between its sales and engineering departments around the world. Following an intensive selection process and roadmap study, the company decided to partner with TheValueChain and draw on their expertise.



The solutions developed by conTeyor eliminate the need for single-use packaging materials. conTeyor creates green, cost-efficient and highly protective packaging that adds value to supply chain processes. The company has locations throughout Europe, the United States, Russia and Mexico, so in order to achieve maximum efficiency in its internal workflows, the conTeyor management team asked TheValueChain to come up with a solution that would optimise communication and collaboration between Sales and Engineering and better align these departments across the globe.



TheValueChain took note of the specific requirements for this project and suggested installing SAP Sales Cloud with an integration into SAP ERP, as well as adopting Cloud Connection. This would allow employees to view potential and ongoing projects, have a single point of contact for all project-related work and  greatly improve their decision-making processes.



The first phase of the project went live with great success. It has made communication between Engineering and Sales easier and more reliable. Furthermore, the teams regard the system as solid and incredibly stable. After seeing the results of this implementation, conTeyor decided to continue on the path towards digitisation. They are very happy to have selected TheValueChain as their partner and feel that their knowledge of and experience with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP ERP is invaluable.

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