Pick by Cart makes picking easier than ever

With the booming e-commerce industry, companies are facing the challenge of adapting to changing supply chains and rising customer expectations. The Pick by Cart app revolutionises e-commerce picking by enabling operators to pick multiple orders, reduce walking distances and provide clear visual guidance. Discover how this app can optimise your warehouse operations as well.

Sander Opdenakker

11 Jul 2023

Booming e-commerce

With the current growth of e-commerce, companies are constantly trying to reinvent themselves to cope with an ever-changing supply chain and growing customer expectations. These challenges include:

  • Omnichannel operations (stock levels, track & trace, 24/7 customer service, etc..)
  • The right products in the right stock quantities
  • Minimum waste in the supply chain
  • Fast delivery – order today, receive tomorrow

To ensure accurate stock quantities, minimal waste and faster customer deliveries, warehouses have been actively changing the way they work.

With the shift in customer behaviour, e-commerce platforms no longer receive full-pallet orders, but rather single-material picking where one item is selected, packed, and shipped to a specific customer. This is of course a very time-consuming activity, involving long distances for each individual item. 


Pick by Cart app

This is where EWM’s Pick by Cart solution comes into play. With its release as a Fiori app in the Extended Warehouse Management 9.5 Support Pack 00, it provides the ideal answer for all e-commerce businesses seeking to optimise the picking of small volumes.

Some of its main features:

  • tablet-enabled
  • multiple orders can be picked at once 
  • shorter walking distances
  • HU’s and their position on the cart are both displayed
  • goods are sorted during picking, removing an extra packing step
  • scanning and serial numbers are supported

Simplify your picking process with a maximum of 25 logical positions on the picking cart. The process starts with an order release where the app instructs the operator which packaging materials he will be needing for his picking round (big box, small box, tote, etc.). The operator can then manually assign these packaging materials to a logical position on the cart.

Along the way the operator will be guided to different locations in the warehouse based on the storage bin sorting to make the picking round as efficient as possible. 

The app not only guides the operator towards the correct location in the warehouse, it also makes it visually clear how many pieces should be picked and in which cartons they should be placed. The logical positions will be highlighted in the app with the correct quantities that are needed for that customer. 

Once the picking is completed, the system guides the operator towards the final bin (packing station or staging area) where all of the boxes can be dropped off at once, if required. 

Figure 1: Pick by cart

The strong visualisation in combination with the intuitive way the Pick by Cart app works, really enhances picking methods. Assuming operators can handle up to 25 packages per picking round, they can finish up their picking rounds much more effectively. 

Want to learn more about the Pick by Cart app and how it can improve your e-commerce warehouse operations? Contact TheValueChain for more information!