Boost your decision-making with embedded SAC in C4C

In the digital era, collecting data is vital for all businesses, regardless of the size or the sector. But why bother collecting data if you cannot process it promptly and efficiently to support decision making? 

Elena Masotti

9 Mar 2023

SAP is there to help you.  

Did you know that the SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) license comes with an out-of-the-box solution to boost your analytics? I’m talking about the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud, aka SAC. 

Embedded SAC in SAP Cloud for Customer analyses your data in real-time. It provides insights to support you in making intelligent decisions for better business outcomes. 

Thanks to the live data connection, SAC allows you to analyse and visualise your data directly in the source system without the need for complicated and time-consuming data preparation.  

SAC comes with prebuilt but highly customisable ‘Stories’: words, charts, graphs, tables and other visual elements that tell the story of your organisation. 

 Atlas Copco challenge 

At the Hackathon in June 2021, we decided to take on the challenge submitted by Atlas Copco to improve their leading dashboard. The C4C analytics didn’t allow them to set trend lines and targets on the graphs to measure actuals versus targets and trends, nor was it possible to set fixed colours for each category. The same data was represented by different colours in different graphs, resulting in confusing data visualisation and difficult data analysis.  

These might seem like small details, but if you’re an intensive report and dashboard user like they are at Atlas Copco, you expect your reports and charts to be clear and immediate, so you can quickly turn insight into action. As an SAP user, you deserve that.  

Embedded SAC in C4C  

TheValueChain and partner company Bmatix easily fixed the issues the customer was struggling with thanks to embedded SAC in C4C. Custom colour determination was set up and trends, targets and a forecast overview were added to the dashboard. The solution was simple, straightforward and enabled the customer to get the best out of their analytics. 


Why should you shift towards embedded SAC? 

  •  There’s no need for more investment. You have a powerful BI tool that allows you to perform real-time analytics 
  • You don’t have to worry about data replication or data preparation 
  • You don’t have to re-build authorisations because SAC uses the ones created in C4C 
  • Embedded SAC provides advanced analytics and data visualisation while remaining a solution that is easy to use and easy to learn for new users 

What about prerequisites? 

An SAP Cloud for Customer Enterprise License is a prerequisite. 

The embedded SAC functionality is not yet generally available in C4C, but you can request access via SAP support (currently in beta). A clean and well-maintained data set is always recommended. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us for more info on embedded SAC in C4C! 

David Jacobs | TheValueChain

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