pgb-Europe moving to SAP ERP

From customized to standard ERP: pgb-Europe invests in integrated business process management.


  • Integration of SAP with an automated warehouse via a third-party solution (e.g. Dynaman)
  • Complex pricing for large numbers of items based on fluctuating commodity prices
  • Integration with label printers (e.g. via Bartender)
  • EDI with customers and suppliers
  • Integration of a web shop
  • Knowledge of the accounting rules in foreign offices

Solution Brief

pgb-Europe did not immediately have a new ERP in mind when starting discussions with TheValueChain in 2016. In short term, they were looking for warehouse management and CRM. And, a way to connect new systems to their AS/400. Now that is exactly where the shoe pinched because the old ERP was a complex set of custom code. Modifications and integrations were time consuming and delicate. That is why TheValueChain proposed a new ERP. And a mind switch: from customization to standard SAP. Four years later, the management of the family-owned company is happy with their choice. With warm thanks for their involvement and pragmatic approach.

pgb-Europe is a leading supplier of fasteners and fixings with headquarters in Melle and production plants in Poland and Vietnam and a sourcing office in Shangai, China. The product portfolio is specialised and diverse, with +80,000 items - from bolt, nuts and screws to anchors and hand tools under own brand names.

Since 2016, pgb-Europe is fully embracing their digital transformation. The SME has invested in e-commerce and more efficient stock management, together with the construction of an advanced automated warehouse.

SAP ERP as a basis for the overall business operations

Based on a blueprint, TheValueChain implemented SAP ERP as a platform for the future. CRM followed shortly after with SAP Cloud for Customer. Together with Liftov and Brightest, TheValueChain rolled out a product information management system (PIM). At the beginning of 2020, SAP ERP was launched in the production company in Poland.

From custom-made to standard

One of the biggest challenges for pgb-Europe was the move from customization to a standard ERP. That is why TheValueChain has developed accelerators for specific processes, such as the Advanced Pricing Cockpit and the Smart Material Mass Change Tool. In this way, pgb-Europe combines the power of standard functionality with a solution tailored to their specific needs. Best practices may be the next step.

Focus on integration

pgb-Europe makes optimal use of the integration capabilities of SAP ERP and CRM. TheValueChain linked the ERP to the automated warehouse via Dynaman, a warehouse management solution. SAP ERP communicates with the label printers via the accelerator Smart Bartender Connector. Orders in the web shop go via SAP PO (Process Orchestration) to SAP ERP. The PIM system is also seamlessly integrated. pgb-Europe handles orders, delivery notes and invoices with large customers via EDI


  • The in-depth integration makes operational management efficient and accurate
  • Decision-makers at all levels have a correct, up-to-date view of the activities
  • Pgb-Europe can make decisions more quickly.
  • Pgb-Europe fully embraced the digital transformation and is ready for the future

Solution offering

  • SAP Customer Experience solutions
  • SAP Cloud for Customer and webshop
  • SAP Process Orchestration
  • TheValueChain Smart Bartender Connector
  • TheValueChain Advanced Pricing Cockpit
  • TheValuechain Smart Material Mass Change Tool

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