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Blog | Market communication: implement processes without a headache

The SAP framework "Market Process Management" allows for easier maintenance of the most complex market processes.

With an energy market in full swing, it's up to SAP to provide an answer to new business challenges in the utilities sector. Market processes must be modeled, executed and monitored in a consistent and efficient manner, in order to streamline day-to-day operations. That is why SAP has enhanced its Market Process Management framework. Let us introduce you to this exciting framework.

Ambitious climate goals, geopolitical instability, a deregulated gas and electricity market, the race for renewables, … The already dynamic energy market has become more volatile than ever. The introduction of MIG6 by Atrias in late 2021 has further added to the complexity and need for proper market process management. SAP aims to provide an integrated solution that functions as an add-on to your SAP Utilities system.

The power of market process management

Market process management software supports the implementation and operation of market processes. Through streamlining these processes, you are more equipped to handle the instability of a deregulated market. For instance, changes of supplier, exchanging of meter readings, or updates to master data.

Internal business processes, such as service order management as well as market communication, can now be managed within one framework.

From fixed to flexible

In the past, market communication for utilities could be quite rigid and cumbersome. Data exchange between suppliers and distributors occurred in fixed workflows that required specific training and know-how to manage. Moreover, software could not be used for other business processes and was therefore rather one-dimensional.

SAP Market Process Management (MPM) brings a tremendous amount of flexibility to market automation. It allows you to efficiently model, execute and monitor market and business processes, including the exchange with other systems (like SAP Cloud Integration or 3rd party message handlers).

This results in reduced implementation costs, a faster time-to-market and an increase in reusability and flexibility. Processes are no longer fixed, but flexible. They can easily be moved around or grouped in blocks (like main flows and sub flows). Even better: they no longer need specific expertise. Everyone with a knowledge of SAP and the Utilities market can implement and configure the solution.

Let us be your guide
Our Utilities unit consists of +25 tried-and-tested consultants who can assist you in your SAP configuration and transform your business in the process. Working with the biggest names in the utilities sector (Sibelga, Eneco, Fluxys, …), their specific knowledge and experience will help you get ahead of the game.
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Predefined business validations

Other software does not provide sufficient support for both market communication and business processes. Meanwhile, SAP MPM offers several predefined business validations that you can use, for example, to check the following data:

  • Address data
  • Point of delivery data
  • Your own service provider
  • Meter data

Without workflows being linked to 1 specific object, you are free to use the framework for all your processes. You decide how closely you want your market and business processes to be interlinked.

A powerful engine

At the core of SAP MPM lies APE: the new Application and Process Engine (APE) designed for heavy-duty, high performance. It is configuration-based for business-oriented process modeling, all within the same framework. It comes with its own test framework to build, run and monitor test cases. Plus, versioning allows for a smooth transition when process changes need to be introduced.

In Germany, SAP Market Process Management for S/4HANA has already proved to be a real game changer in the utilities sector. Now, SAP is rolling out the international version, condensing the experience of 120+ international customer projects.

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